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Welcome to a world of knowledge, culture, and community at Portsmouth Libraries. This page serves as your gateway to a wide array of library resources in Portsmouth and Southsea, including public, academic, military, and historic libraries.

Portsmouth's public libraries come in various sizes and are located throughout the city. While some may have a limited collection of materials, you can always request specific items from other libraries with the helpful assistance of our librarians.

Libraries are more than just book repositories; they are vibrant community hubs. Many local groups and organizations choose libraries as their meeting place for various activities and creative endeavors. In addition to an extensive collection of books, libraries provide essential services such as internet access, digital information storage, music lending, and, of course, a peaceful and conducive environment for study.

Some of the specialized libraries listed on this page may require prior booking for access, so we recommend calling ahead to ensure availability and plan your visit accordingly. Whether you're a dedicated bookworm, a student seeking a quiet study spot, or a group looking for a community gathering place, Portsmouth Libraries have something special to offer to everyone. Join the world of learning, exploration, and community engagement by exploring the details of Portsmouth Libraries listed below.

  • Highbury College l Library

    Located at the main Highbury Campus in Cosham, Highbury College Library is home to a large collection of printed titles, e-books, periodicals, DVDs and other resources.
    Cosham Campus, Dovercourt Road, Cosham, Portsmouth, PO6 2SA
    Telephone: 02392 328989

  • NMRN Library Portsmouth

    The National Museum Royal Navy library is part of the National Archives. The library is an excellent source for British naval history, naval science, technical and scientific works, naval law, medicine, gunnery, a large journal collection of British and foreign titles. The material here can be used by academics, family historians or students. The library is located within Portsmouth Naval base and has space for 24 readers.
    National Museum of the Royal Navy, HM Naval Base (PP66), Portsmouth, PO1 3NH
    Telephone: 02392 891370

  • Portsmouth City Council - Public Libraries

    For general enquiries at any of the Portsmouth City Council libraries:
    Email or
    Telephone 02392 819311

    Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, Hants, PO1 2DX

    Tangier Road, Portsmouth, PO3 6HU

    Milton Road, Portsmouth, PO4 8PR

    Fratton Road, Portsmouth, PO1 5EZ

    Spur Road, Portsmouth, PO6 3EB

    Gladys Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 9AX

    Marsden Road, Portsmouth, PO6 4JB

    John Pounds Community Centre, 23 Queen Street, Portsmouth, PO1 3HN

  • Portsmouth NHS Library Service

    The Portsmouth NHS Library Service at QA Hospital is home to library and information services for NHS employees, trainees, medical students and undergraduate healthcare students who are working in the local health community.
    The QuAD Centre, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3LY
    Tel: 02392 286039
    Portsmouth Hospitals Library Website

  • University of Portsmouth Library

    Located on Cambridge Road is the University of Portsmouth Library primarily for students and staff of the university, the library is open to external members as well. The library has resources for students covering the following areas Business, Creative and Cultural Industries, Humanities, Law and Criminology, Sciences, Social Sciences and Technology. In addition to this the library also has some special collections such as rare books and the University Archive.
    The University Library, Cambridge Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2ST
    Telephone: 02392 843228