Pogo in Portsmouth and Southsea

@POGO_UK is a stencilartist / street artist from the south of England whose works can be seen in Southsea, Portsmouth, Bristol, Cheltenham, London and Paris.

French artist POGO specialises in high quality stencil art which involves producing complicated, multi layered stencils that build up the picture as each separate stencil is spayed in sequence. The result are brilliant portraits such as those shown below.

The work by @POGO_UK below, portrait of a young lady in blue, used to be on a wall in Highland Road in Southsea, but was painted over in September 2021, with a new work by the same artist.

The lady in the red dress below can be seen in Osborne Road, Southsea, amongst a collection of works around the My Dog Sighs "Inside" exhibition site at the former Kimbells Ballroom.

The painting of the young lady with red roses aroung her head can be seen in Highland Road in Southsea just along from the Highland Fling fish and chip shop.

The square picture below is on the wall outside of the Corner Collective studios and shop, which is on the corner of Leopold Street and Albert Road. Here you will find a great selection of street art for sale by local and international artists.
All works on this page are by @POGO_UK

Portrait by Pogo in Highland Road, Southsea Stencil Art by Pogo in Osborne Road, Southsea Southsea Street Art by @POGO_UK Street Art in Highland Road, Southsea by @POGO_UK Street Art by Pogo, Commercial Road in Portsmouth Painting by Street Artist Pogo, Southsea Painting by Pogo at Hilsea Lido