Towns and Cities named Portsmouth

The City of Portsmouth, England was founded in 1194, but since then other towns and cities have also been named Portsmouth, below are the details of some of them. If you live in, or know of other Portsmouths please let us know, so that we can include them here.

  • Portsmouth, West Yorkshire

    The village of Portsmouth is on the A646 in West Yorkshire, UK. The village was historically located in Lancashire, but due boundary changes is now part of Calderdale, West Yorkshire.

  • Portsmouth, Dominica

    Portsmouth is the second largest town in Dominica part of the Windward Islands. Located on the north west coast the town has a population of 2,977. Portsmouth is located on the Indian river and has a sea port known as Prince Rupert Bay.

  • Portsmouth, Kingston, Canada

    The village of Portsmouth is part of the Kingston area of Ontario in Canada. It was founded in 1784 by United Empire Loyalists, American Loyalists who re-settled in North America during or following the American Revolution. Portsmouth is home to the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour which hosted the sailing and boating events during the 1976 Montreal Olympics. the village has a population of 2,740.

  • Portsmouth, Iowa, USA

    Portsmouth, Iowa, is located in Shelby County, in the Central time zone. At the 2000 census the population was 225, with an approximate number of families being 98. Shelby county was named in 1851 after General Issac Shelby, who served in the Revolutionary War. The county occupies approximately 591 square miles, its main river being the Nishnabotna. The west of the county was originally settled by German Catholics, with the southeastern area by Danish settlers. The county was also settled by Norwegian, English and Irish people.

  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

    Portsmouth, New Hampshire is situated, close to the mouth of the Piscataqua River that divides New Hampshire from Maine.
    With a population of approximately 23,000, it was settled in 1623 making it the third oldest city in the U.S.
    In common with Portsmouth in the UK, Portsmouth New Hampshire has a naval shipyard established in 1800. The shipyard lies across the river in Maine and has produced many famous ships such as John Paul Jones' ship The Ranger.

  • Portsmouth, Ohio, USA

    Portsmouth Ohio, USA

    Portsmouth Ohio, is situated where the Ohio River and the Scioto River meet, 41 miles (66 km) south of Chillicothe, the river traffic being instrumental in the towns development. Location 38.7317° N, 82.9977° W

    The Ohio River was the main shipping link between the East and West, until the Erie Canal was opened in 1825.

    Portsmouth Ohio has a population of approximately 20,226 (2010) and is the seat of Scioto county.

  • Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA

    Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA founded by Anne Hutchinson and her followers in 1638. A compact was signed establishing a secular government with separation of Church and State and freedom of and from religion. Portsmouth, Rhode Island, is situated on Aquidneck Island, one of three towns situated there. It has a population of approximately 17,200. Portsmouth was the first town in the US to be founded by a woman and is regarded by many as the first democracy in America. Located on the eastern coast of the US centrally positioned between New York and Boston.

  • Portsmouth Virginia, USA

    Portsmouth Virginia, USA

    Portsmouth Virginia was founded as a town in 1752, on 65 acres of land on the shores of the Elizabeth River. It was founded by William Crawford, often referred to as "Colonel Crawford", a wealthy merchant and ship owner who held office as the Norfolk County presiding court judge, high sheriff, militia lieutenant colonel and representative to the House of Burgesses.

    The 65 acres were part of Colonel Crawford's extensive plantation and were constituted as a town by an enabling act of the General Assembly of Virginia.

    The town was named after the English naval port of the same name, and many of the streets of the new town reflected the English heritage, it was separated from the county government and given status as an independent city in 1858. Its location as an East Coast deep water port has been the common denominator of the City's development throughout its centuries of growth.