Dharma77 in Portsmouth and Southsea

Dharma77 (Luke Storkey) is a highly acclaimed Street Artist who specialises in beautifully stylised portraits using spray paints and ink. Born in Portsmouth he has many works across the city, the largest being the Orchard Road basketball court murals 'Proper Faces' painted as part of the We Shine Portsmouth festival in 2021.

Luke's paintings are influenced by Hip Hop, Reggae, psychedelia and street fashion and can be found in many towns a cities across the UK and overseas. His work has been exhibited at the Universal Hip Hop Museum in New York and he is a regular at spray and street art events such as SprayExhibition20 in London.

The gallery below shows examples of Luke's work in Portsmouth and Southsea, as with all street art some of these paintings no longer exist having been painted over, reworked or replaced with new works.

Street Art by Dharma77 in Southsea Porttrait by dharma77 in Southsea Southsea Street Art by dharma77 Colourful street portrait by dharma77 in Portsmouth

All of the four portraits shown above are, or have been in the past, painted in the alleyway which runs from Tonbridge Street to Palmerston Road in Southsea, at the rear of the old Debenhams building.

dahrma77 art work at Orchard Road in Portsmouth dharma77 portrait at Goldsmith Avenue, Portsmouth Portrait of an old lady by dharma77 in Portsmouth

The three portraits by dharma77 shown above are part of the 'Proper Faces' collection at the Orchard Road basketball court site in Southsea, just off of Goldsmith Avenue.

The huge painting by dharma77 above, is on the side wall of the restaurant on the corner of Elm Grove and St Peter's grove in Southsea, April 2023.