Infant Schools near me Portsmouth and Southsea

Infant Schools Portsmouth

This page lists the Infant Schools in the Portsmouth and Southsea areas.
In order to prepare your child for starting at Infant School, help improve their independence, enforce the habit of using the toilet themselves, practice getting dressed and undressed themselves, velcro shoes are useful and practice feeding themselves including the use of a knife and fork.

Teachers say that promoting reading at home is a very important way that parents can help their child. Make sure your child has regular reading practice and check they understand what they read.

Help to build their social skills by playing and sharing with others on play dates, practice conversations allowing time for your child to speak, learn greetings such as hello.

As soon as you know which school your child will be attending start talking about it, how much fun it will be, visit the school and find positive aspects to talk about, things they enjoyed, who their teacher will be, where their classroom is.

  • Arundel Court Infant School

    Arundel Court Infant School in Portsmouth

    Address: Northam Street, Portsmouth, PO1 1JE
    Telephone: 02392 824893

  • Bramble Infant School and Nursery

    Formerly Goldsmith Infant School, amalgamated with Bramble Nursery in 2016 to become Bramble Infant School and Nursery. Address: Bramble Road, Southsea, PO4 0DT
    Telephone: Tel: 02392 828604
    Web: Bramble Infant School Website

  • Court Lane Infant School

    Court Lane Infant School Portsmouth

    Address: Hilary Avenue, Cosham, Portsmouth, PO6 2PP
    Telephone: 02392 378890 Fax: 02392 378890
    Website: Court Lane Infant School Website

  • Langstone Infant School

    Address: Ascot Road, Copnor, Portsmouth, PO3 6EY
    Telephone: 02392 832642

  • Manor Infant School

    Manor Infant School Portsmouth

    Address: Inverness Road, Portsmouth, PO1 5QR
    Telephone: 02392 820548

  • Meon Infant School

    Meon Infant School Portsmouth

    Address: Shelford Road, Milton, Southsea, PO4 8NT
    Telephone: 02392 731082
    Website: Meon Infant School Website

  • Meredith Infant School

    Meredith Infant School Portsmouth

    Address: Portchester Road, North End, Portsmouth, PO2 7JB
    Telephone: 02392 663846

  • Milton Park Infant School

    Milton Park Infant School Portsmouth

    Address: Perth Road, Southsea, Hants, PO4 8EU
    Telephone: 02392 733793

  • Moorings Way Infant School

    Moorings Way Infant School Portsmouth

    Address: Moorings Way, Milton, Southsea, PO4 8YJ
    Telephone: 02392 829147

  • Penhale Infant School

    Address: Penhale Road, Fratton, Portsmouth, PO1 5EF
    Telephone: 02392 821016

  • Solent Infant School

    Solent Infant School Portsmouth

    Address: Evelegh Road, Farlington, Portsmouth, PO6 1DH
    Telephone: 02392 371073 Fax: 02392 382606
    Website: Solent Infant School Website

  • Southsea Infant School

    Southsea Infant School Portsmouth

    Address: Collingwood Road, Southsea, PO5 2SR
    Telephone: 02392 828176 Fax: 02392 820808
    Website:Southsea Infant School Website

  • Stamshaw Infant School

    Address: North End Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 8NW
    Telephone: 02392 661192 Fax: 02392 666937
    Website: Stamshaw Infant School Website