Street Art at Fratton Park, Portsmouth

At Specks Lane, behind the Milton End at Fratton Park, there is an ever changing collection of street art by a wide range of artists, some local and some from further afield.

The art works here vary in style and execution some free hand spray painting, some stencil art and almost everything in between.

As is the nature of street art, older works are eventually painted over and new works added, we have collected together as many works as we can, so some of these works may not exist any longer but we have recorded them here as an evolving collection. Where possible we have included the artist's details, if you know who a piece is by, or if you are the artist, let us know so that we can include a credit.

Street Art at Specks Lane, Portsmouth Street Art at Specks Lane, Portsmouth

The work above is tagged Jasik Driper a London based artist.

Specks Lane grafitti at Fratton Park Specks Lane, Portsmouth, Street Art

This large portrait of Robert De Niro is by prolific Brighton street artist @mickmowgli

Art Works at Specks Lane, Fratton Park, Portsmouth

The painting above is a tribute to American rapper, DJ, and record producer Biz Markie, Marcel Theo Hall, who died in 2021.

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